Enhancing the Skills of Women<br> Lawyers in Nepal

Enhancing the Skills of Women
Lawyers in Nepal

Project location: Nepal

Dates: 2015 - Ongoing

Delivery of practical training seminars

Delivery of practical training seminars

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Training sessions

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Female lawyers participated

About our work

New Perimeter has developed and delivers practical training seminars to women lawyers in Nepal, as part of an initiative that began as a collaboration with the Canadian-based organization Women Lawyers Joining Hands, the Nepal Bar Association, and the United Nations Development Programme. The initial training includes a module on legal ethics and the professional obligations of lawyers and a module on corporate and commercial law and business ethics. The second training, for those who have participated in the first training, covers intellectual property and technology;  arbitration, mediation, and negotiations, and trial advocacy. Both trainings cover business development, marketing, and networking lessons and exercises. The program is designed to support female lawyers in Nepal by providing mentorship and ongoing training to increase their skills and opportunities for advancement and networking, particularly in the corporate commercial field.

Key deliverables

  • Deliver practical training seminars to female lawyers in Nepal

Key facts

  • Female lawyers in Nepal make approximately 12 percent of the country's practicing lawyers
  • Seven trainings since 2015, approximately 180 female lawyers have participated in the courses
  • As part of the rolling training model, the female lawyers who participated in the first course in the year prior return to complete the second course during the next training session, allowing them to develop relationships within their training cohort and with trainers from around the world.

Featured staff

Featured lawyers: Ileana Blanco, Kristin Franceschi, Katie Jahnke Dale, Ben Klein , Leeanne Mancari, Sarah Mellowes, Melissa Reinckens
Program managers: Claire Donse, Suzanna Brickman

Program partners

The transformation of the women lawyers attending the training, whether in Track 1 or Track 2, is marked. Not only are their technical, legal skills augmented during the course of the six days, but also their confidence and soft skills. As a trainer, I could tell the difference in the trainees at the end as compared to the first day of the program. — DLA Piper trainer
Following their participation in the project, women lawyers have not only applied the knowledge gained in further studies but have also made significant strides in their careers. Many have secured prestigious job positions and attained high-ranking roles within the legal profession. — Nepali Project Partner representative
I will use this training in my professional career and it will help me prosper. — Nepal Women's Training attendee
I will use this training to enhance my profession [and] to maintain my professionalism. I will provide legal advice and services under the code of conduct. — Nepal Women's Training attendee