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Enhancing the Skills of Women Lawyers in Nepal

About our work

New Perimeter has developed and delivered a number of practical training seminars to women lawyers in Nepal as part of an initiative led by the Canadian-based organization Women Lawyers Joining Hands and the Nepal Bar Association. The basic training includes a two-day module on ethics and the professional obligations of lawyers to the court, the profession, the client and society; and a three-day module on corporate law, commercial law and business ethics. The advanced trainings, for those who have participated in the basic trainings, cover intellectual property and technology and international arbitration. The program was designed to support female lawyers in Nepal by providing mentorship and ongoing training to increase their skills and opportunities for advancement, particularly in the corporate commercial field.

Key deliverables

  • Deliver practical training seminars to female lawyers in Nepal

Key facts

  • More than 30 female lawyers completed the basic course in 2015
  • The female lawyers who participated in the basic course in 2015 completed the advanced course in 2017. A new group of 30 female lawyers completed the basic course in 2017


I will use this training in my professional career and it will help me prosper.”

— Nepal Women's Training attendee

I will use this training to enhance my profession [and] to maintain my professionalism. I will provide legal advice and services under the code of conduct.”

— Nepal Women's Training attendee

Women's advancement



Project dates

2015 - Ongoing

Program partner

  • Women Lawyers Joining Hands

Featured lawyer

Katie Jahnke Dale

Program managers

Claire Donse, Suzanna Brickman