Developing Clinical Legal<br>Education in Myanmar

Developing Clinical Legal
Education in Myanmar

Project location: Myanmar

Dates: 2013 – 2016

About our work

New Perimeter worked with BABSEACLE to perform research, develop curriculum and training modules, deliver training sessions and support individual Myanmar universities as they built clinical legal education programs (CLE). New Perimeter participated in Myanmar's first summer school session of CLE courses. New Perimeter also participated in the country's inaugural and second national mock trial events and supported the event, designing training materials to assist faculty and students in preparing for and coaching students during the event.

Key deliverables

  • Provided support to individual Myanmar universities as they built CLE programs by performing research, developing curriculum and training modules and delivering training sessions

Key facts

  • The project reached all 18 universities in Myanmar.
  • Approximately 200 students, law teachers and community members were trained in Myanmar.

Featured staff

Featured lawyer: Michael Gill
Program managers: Claire Donse, Suzanna Brickman

Program partners