In conversation with Ronald Mutasa

Building Capacity at Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education
In conversion with Ronald Mutasa

1. What inspired you during the project?

I am originally from Zimbabwe, which is geographically a neighbour to Zambia. I am also a by-product of our public schooling system, from primary school all the way to attaining my LLBS (Hons) Degree from the University of Zimbabwe. My greatest inspiration is seeing students turning up for classes, virtual or otherwise, knowing that even if they might not see any value in trainings such as the negotiation and legal drafting training we provide to ZIALE at this very moment, years later they will reflect on the training as a turning point in their career. The project and the choice of courses is truly enrichening and eye-opening, and as the adage goes, a mind stretched never returns.

2. What was the most fulfilling aspect of the work?

We had a number of interactive sessions with the students on the practice of law in general. Knowing that in sharing my journey from undertaking articles of clerkship to becoming a partner in my firm I am enriching at least one student’s life and building their self-confidence, was really rewarding. As a trainer, you get to educate, encourage, motivate, and inspire young minds to reach their full potential, and hopefully make a difference in their communities and in the world.

3. What one word describes your New Perimeter trip?

“Achievement”. The entire course, regrettably, had to be held virtually meaning we did not get an opportunity to travel to Zambia due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Be that as it may, I came away with a sense of achievement. Whilst the phenomenon of “zoom fatigue” is now well reported, notwithstanding this, I was able to impart some knowledge through well-crafted and timely practical exercises that sought to engage, and not wear out, the mind.  Student turnout was consistent throughout the week-long training, and one can’t help but feel a sense of achievement. Hopefully, once the current pandemic is under control and things get back to some normalcy, we can travel to Zambia to engage students in a face-to-face setting.

About Ronald Mutasa

Ronald is a Partner in DLA Piper Africa's Harare office.

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"The project and the choice of courses is truly enrichening and eye-opening, and as the adage goes, a mind stretched never returns."