In conversation with Rachel Crosier

Building Capacity at Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education
In conversion with Rachel Crosier

Rachel joined in-house counsel from General Electric and lawyers from DLA Piper Africa Group firm Chibesakunda & Co. to deliver a week-long seminar to graduate law students at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) designed to complement the curriculum and further refine the student's legal drafting and negotiation skills.

What was the most fulfilling aspect of the work?

The appreciation from the students of the project. This was the first course that the students at ZIALE had attended as part of their legal studies of this nature, i.e. - it was designed to provide practical legal drafting "skills" training as opposed to purely academic legal teaching. From the first day, it was clear they were incredibly keen to make the most of the opportunity which the New Perimeter project presented them. Their motivation and proactive eagerness to learn and participate - particularly in the negotiation activities - was incredibly inspiring and energizing. By the end of the course, it was clear from both the formal and informal feedback that the project had made a huge impact on the students and that what we had taught them was practically relevant to their roles and real life situations.

One word to describe your New Perimeter trip?

Motivational. I felt privileged to have been part of this project, and on returning from Zambia, I felt renewed motivation and energy for the work I do, particularly pro-bono projects. It was incredibly rewarding to see the high level of student enthusiasm and engagement and their gratitude and appreciation to New Perimeter for organizing and delivering the project.

"The motivation of the students to learn and participate in negotiation activities was incredibly energizing."