Supporting Small Businesses and Pro Bono in Ukraine

Supporting Small Businesses and Pro Bono in Ukraine

Project location: Ukraine

About our work

New Perimeter is supporting Uzhorod National University Faculty of Law, a law school in Western Ukraine, to help it start a legal clinic to assist Ukrainian small businesses impacted by war. New Perimeter is also providing training for law students on pro bono and public interest law to increase understanding about pro bono in the region.

Key Deliverables

  • Serve as an advisor to the Law School to help it create, launch and run a legal clinic focused on assisting small- to medium-sized businesses in Ukraine.
  • Deliver interactive, virtual training sessions on pro bono and access to justice lawyering for Uzhorod Law students and faculty members.

Key facts

  • The war in Ukraine has dramatically impacted small businesses, with challenges including the disruption of supply chains, destroyed infrastructure, labor shortages due to migration, and challenges in accessing capital.
  • Ukraine does not have a tradition of lawyers providing pro bono legal services. There is great interest on the part of law students and faculty to learn about and to participate in pro bono.
  • The Uzhorod Law legal clinic will enable Law School faculty and students to provide pro bono assistance to address the legal needs of Ukrainian small businesses.

Featured staff

Program Manager: Sara Andrews

Featured Staff: Anna Kalinichenko


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