Building Trial Advocacy Skills in The Gambia

Building Trial Advocacy Skills in The Gambia

Project location: The Gambia

About our work

New Perimeter collaborates with the National Agency for Legal Aid, The Gambia (NALA), to develop and deliver trial advocacy skills trainings for NALA’s lawyers and other NALA stakeholders. NALA, established in 2010 by the Government of The Gambia, provides legal aid to indigent persons through legal representation and advice.

Key Deliverables

  • Assist in the creation of trial advocacy curriculum that aims to empower the legal community with the knowledge and skills to advance justice in The Gambia

  • Deliver interactive trial advocacy skills training with an emphasis on learning by doing.

Key facts

New Perimeter delivered trial advocacy workshops to expand the capacity of NALA lawyers and other key stakeholders that work with vulnerable groups in The Gambia, including children.

  • In February 2023, New Perimeter delivered a four-day interactive training on conducting direct and cross examination of medical experts.
  •  A group of legal and medical professionals attended the February training, including NALA lawyers, members of the Ministry of Justice, medical doctors, police officers and high court judges.
  • In 2020, New Perimeter delivered a four-part virtual trial advocacy training for NALA lawyers and members of the Gambia Bar Association.

Featured staff

Program managers: Lisa Dewey

Program partners

“I liked the workshops because it gave me the chance to put what I was learning into practice and receive constructive feedback.” — Mariam Ceesay, NALA Lawyer
“The knowledge and skill set I acquired during the training will undoubtedly enhance my capabilities as a trial lawyer to effectively defend the vulnerable people going through the criminal justice system. The training was significant, given that The Gambia is going through a transitional justice process, and as public defenders, our role in the process is indispensable. The training built my confidence and equipped me with the skills to effectively handle expert witnesses. We are grateful to New Perimeter for its unwavering support to NALA in our quest for continuous professional development.” — Omar Suso, NALA Deputy Executive Secretary