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Interning at DLA Piper with New Perimeter

Posted on 8 August 2016 by Maria Rocha

My internship experience at DLA Piper in Washington, DC was outstanding. I enjoyed every day working in the New Perimeter department. During my four-week assignment,  I learned many things, which I am sure will be of great help during my professional life.

Every day had a new challenge. I conducted research and drafted  memos on a variety of topics including women´s rights and women empowerment in Latin America; women and children refugees in Latin America; pro bono culture in some Latin American countries; transitional justice around the world; gender-based violence laws; refugee organizations; foundations supporting economic and social development; and teaching law students.

The best part of working with New Perimeter was being able to contribute to the economic and social development of developing countries like mine. I enjoyed learning from the huge variety of initiatives that focus on improving the lives of people through better access to justice, prevention of violence, gender equality and education.

Another wonderful thing about my experience was being able to attend conferences related to a diverse of topics, which I really enjoyed, such as The Lawyer’s Guide to Safe Statistics; lunch with African women’s rights lawyers who received their LL.M. at Georgetown’s LAWA program; Perspectives on Poverty Law from the Bench:  DC Superior Court; Supreme Court Vacancy: The Effects of a Court Divided; Support to the Legal Profession in Europe & Eurasia; and Public-interest fellowships. Additionally, I was fortunate to attend the awards event where DLA Piper was named 2016 Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year by the District of Columbia Bar Association. During these conferences, I was able to learn many new things and meet very interesting people.

During my internship I met amazing people at DLA Piper who were very nice and were always  willing to guide me during the time in my position. The Pro Bono team was so caring and helpful.

I return to Colombia, my home country, very happy and proud to have been part of such an amazing law firm with an outstanding team, which allowed me to learn and develop my legal skills.

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